Dignity At Home – Fall Prevention Program Helps Clients Stay Independent

The Dignity At Home – Fall Prevention Program in Stanislaus County has helped many older adults and those with disabilities remain safely in their homes. This program provides home assessments, fall prevention education, and injury prevention accessories to qualifying individuals 60 years and older who are at risk of falling.

Sharon and Robert have enjoyed their Turlock home for over four decades, and intend on staying in their home for as long as possible. With the support of their loving family, the couple enjoys their independence and will do whatever it takes to maintain it.

The Challenges

Some health concerns have arisen with the couple's increasing age, which has led to a decrease in mobility throughout their home, especially for Robert. A Sutter Care at Home social worker felt the family would benefit greatly from Healthy Again Association’s Dignity At Home – Fall Prevention Program.

The Solutions & Results

During their in-home fall prevention assessment:

  • It was recommended that the couple tape down, replace, or just remove any throw rugs to prevent any falls.
  • Because Robert was using an oxygen machine, it was advised that the couple be very mindful of the oxygen tubing and not let it get bundled up creating a tripping hazard.
  • Sharon said that at night they both use flashlights to guide their route to the bathroom. This could be dangerous as one of their hands being occupied with holding the flashlight could lead to the inability to brace or stop themselves from having a fall. Three nightlights were provided to keep a well-lit pathway. Two File of Life magnets and two Medication Management cards were provided as well as instructions on how to use them and where they should be placed for emergencies.
  • In the bathroom, the toilet was very low. A toilet seat riser was installed to increase its height and make it easier to stand up.
  • No grab bars were installed in the shower. Robert had not been able to bathe in the shower for over three months due to multiple falls. To improve confidence and safety while bathing, a vertical grab bar, shower chair, and shower head bracket were installed.
  • To ensure a safe route in and out of the home, a metal threshold ramp was installed at the main front door.

Checking back in with Sharon and Robert a few weeks after the installations, it was discovered that neither of them has had a fall since receiving the program services. And, their overall fear of falling has been greatly reduced. Sharon expressed their satisfaction with a 5-star rating for the program stating, “Everyone has been so wonderful. It truly is a great program!”

Discover More Information

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