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Discover how C4A fosters dignity, diversity, and choice: Be informed about aging well in California

Welcome to a hub of knowledge and advocacy, where being informed is not just a choice but a powerful catalyst for change. Explore the critical areas of health and human services initiatives championed by C4A and empower yourself with the insights needed to make a difference.

Our resources are tailored to keep you informed of the latest developments and ensure you are well-equipped to understand the intricate landscape of legislative matters, get a view into the various initiatives, and have the data you need to advocate on behalf of older adults, adults with disabilities and their caregivers.

Be informed, get involved, and join us in fostering dignity, diversity, and choice so that Californians can age well.

2024 Legislative Budget Priorities

Elderly care at home

C4A advocates for policies and resources that allow its members to provide appropriate services and supports.



Closing the Meal Gap

Meal Gap

A gap analysis conducted to estimate the scale of unmet need for food assistance among older adults, followed by a series of cross-sector, statewide stakeholder discussions to identify recommendations for closing those gaps.

COVID-19 position papers

COVID Papers

The C4A authored a few position papers on some of the most pressing concerns as well as our recommendations to address them.