Fall Prevention Program Improves Quality Of Life

Fall prevention and assistance services are the single most requested services from our agency partners to make homes safer and allow residents to remain in their homes. Fall prevention and assistance services include home modifications, assistive devices, and connections to other needed services. We’re thrilled to share the following story of how the program has made a big difference in the quality of life for Ms. L.

The Challenges

Ms LMs. L. is 81 and lives alone in a one-story home in a senior community. Her eyesight is deteriorating due to glaucoma and other eye-related disorders. Additionally, with neuropathy, she experiences a constant fear of falling.

Ms. L. was referred to the Fall Prevention Program, and an occupational therapist met with her in her home. The therapist observed the home and discussed Ms. L’s concerns. The therapist then recommended several home modifications and assistive devices to keep Ms. L. safe.

The Solutions & Results

  • A general contractor installed grab bars and a chair in the shower to increase the safety, stability, and accessibility of the shower. They can also help prevent accidental falls and injuries, giving Ms. L. peace of mind.
  • Although Ms. L. preferred a purple 4-wheel walker, one could not be found. So, she settled for red, which is a bright color and easy to see. 
  • We did locate a specially requested purple cane and Ms. L. is eternally grateful for the support.
  • Ms. L. was referred for case management and to the Rosey tablet program, which offers voice-activated connection to family and resources via tablet.

Discover More Information

Nearly half of all older adults will experience a fall. Of those who are hospitalized as a result, half will no longer regain their independence. Preventing falls saves lives and allows older adults to live with dignity and independence.

The Fall Prevention Program funded by a combination of federal and state funds through the California Department of Aging and the Napa/Solano Area Agency on Aging continues to play a major role in keeping older adults safe.