Dignity At Home – Young at Heart Strength Training Keeps Clients Active and Energetic

The Young at Heart Strength Training classes by Healthy Aging Association focus on the full body and work on strength, balance, and flexibility. The goal of these classes is to keep participants functioning and to help reduce the risk of falling. Because of these classes, so many older adults like Carmen can continue doing their tasks of daily living and enjoying the camaraderie of the other participants on a week basis.

The Challenges

Carmen (70) always tries to stay active throughout her day. She experiences knee pain from time to time, causing her to use a cane or walker to feel more stable. Carmen even went to physical therapy for a time to reduce lower body pain.

The Solutions & Results

On days when she feels physically up to it, Carmen walks around the church where the Young at Heart class is held. That is how she heard about the exercise class that meets there twice a week. Carmen feels that the Young at Heart Strength Training class has helped improve her self-confidence, she feels less pain in her knees, and she has more strength overall.

Carmen really enjoys the leg exercises and even does them at home to continue getting stronger. Now she wakes up in the morning with so much more energy and looks forward to seeing her instructors and other participants in the class.

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