New Aging and Disability Resource Connection Solano Intervenes to Secure Client’s Funding

The Challenges

The Aging and Disability Resource Connection Solano was only up and running for one month when the ADRC Coordinator started working with Mr. G.

When Mr. G. first reached out he explained that he was out of state and felt helpless. His mother has late-stage dementia, sold her home, and has burned through all her funds paying out of pocket for the skilled nursing facility that she’d been in for over 10 years.

She had only Medicare and could not stay any longer due to a lack of funding. She actually had no money for anything and was short each month in paying for her care over $1,000 and her debt was growing quickly.

The Solutions & Results

Mr. G. was frightened and didn’t know if he needed to fly to California and even if he did fly out here, he didn’t know where to begin. The ADRC Solano Care Coordinator was able to assist him in getting his mother approved for Medi-Cal and keep her at the facility where she now resides with her sibling. The Coordinator spoke with Mr. G. at least once a week to follow up with his mother’s progress, give peer support, and provide resources to make sure he felt supported. Mr. G. wrote this wonderful thank you letter to let us know it finally happened and she doesn’t even need to move. She has money left over after her Medi-Cal co-pay. And the greatest part of all, she’s residing at the same facility as her sister. Great success!


After speaking to you, I did get a hold of my mother’s Medi-Cal case worker and he clarified the issue for me. Since my mother is in an assisted living facility and has been for nearly a decade all the facility has to do is tap into her Medi-Cal account and take the balance out after her copay for the facility.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of this "foreigner” (Texan) on getting my mother what she needed. It is a big load off my plate knowing she can afford to be where she is since she is with her sister also.

You have been a great help and dealing with all of the people you put me in contact with was a great experience. You are so knowledgeable, dedicated, and are so nice. If there was any place to give you feedback I would.

Thank you so much

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